City bus, trams and trolleys

The public city transport in Belgrade is performed by:

  • GSP "Beograd" (buses, trolleys, trams)
  • Private bus transport companies
  • SP "Lasta" (suburban and local bus transport)
  • Express mini bus
  • Beovoz - City Railway


To buy a ticket for the system, you need to head to one of the many kiosks dotted around the city and purchase a ‘Bus Plus’ card. The system acts on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, with one 90-minute journey costing a measly 89RSD. Simply purchase the card (it costs 250RSD), tell the teller how much you’d like to put on, and away you go. When entering the vehicle (you can use any of the doors), be sure to hold your Bus Plus card against the reader until you get the verification.

GSP Belgrade runs the city's trams and trolleybuses, which ply limited routes, but buses chug all over town. Belgrade is a tram fan's ultimate playground – the city is home to all manner of streetcar delights spanning a colourful arsenal of models (West German, Czechoslovakian, Swiss and Spanish).

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Taxi services

Using a taxi to get around Belgrade is comparatively cheap by standards of most Western cities. Avoid taking a taxi from one of the taxi stands in the immediate vicinity of major tourist sites (e.g. The Republic Square). Some drivers illegally operate fixed tariff (no meter running) services aimed at tourists which can be several times more expensive than taking a taxi running a meter. Hailing a passing taxi or arranging a pick-up is a far better alternative. The price of taxi transport is regulated by the City Authority. At the regular tariff (tariff 1, figures valid in May 2013), starting a ride costs RSD 170, with each subsequent kilometer charged at RSD 65 and inactivity period at RSD 750 per hour. Between 10 pm and 6 am, on Sundays and public holidays, tariff 2 is applicable - each kilometer is charged RSD 85.

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The fastest way to navigate through Belgrade is by bicycle. Since Belgrade is hilly you may want to check your routes and find MTB’s or some stylish bikes for sightseeing, depending on your preferences, but bikes are fastest and cheapest transport in Belgrade because you can ignore traffic congestions and see this city from different perspective. It can also be a perfect transportation for your stay here in long term.

Recently, Belgrade officials decided to expand 42 km bicycle network, and there are new bike lanes in city center. There are also a lot of bike rental companies with tour guides which can be great introduction to the city. Some tour guides are specialized for district tours, so newcomers can get to know decide where they can rent an apartment.

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Boat tours

Sightseeing cruise is one of the most delightful ways to see the beauties of Belgrade. Boat tours are a great way of getting to know Belgrade where you can enjoy a comfortable trip on Danube and Sava rivers and discover most beautiful historic and cultural attractions.

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In Belgrade, you can visit many attractions on foot. With a map on a phone or in hand it is quite easy to create your own pedestrian tours around town and do some sightseeing. Although pavement isn’t the best in Europe, there is much content and attractions which make these walks enjoyable, and is one of the best ways to get to know our city. More on sightseeing.