Belgrade is a Mecca for gourmets and food-lovers! Whatever you try, you won’t make a mistake. Our diet mostly consists of meat and lots of it. Portions are huge, so be careful. Prices in restaurants vary, but for 5-8 euros you can get more than a decent meal and feel the true taste of Serbian national cuisine. Street fast-food stands are also great, you can get a “pljeskavica” (burger, but huge) for around 2 euros, and pick a huge selection of salads and side dishes for free.

There are many restaurants and kitchens in Belgrade that offer great variety of food for economic prices, which will not burden your financial budget. Many of them are located near the University building in Belgrade, and some of them offer monthly meal plans for their guests. It is important to get to know Serbian food, but there is a great variety of international cuisine too.

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