Visit of students of the Faculty of International Politics and Security to the Military Academy in 2022

Faculty of International Politics and Security

Students of the Faculty of International Politics and Security of the "UNION-Nikola Tesla" University had the honor of visiting the Military Academy of the University of Defense led by their professors Slobodan Anđelković and Ilija Kajtez.

At the Military Academy, which is an elite institution for training officers of the Serbian Armed Forces, our students were personally welcomed by the head of the Military Academy, Colonel, Professor Doctor SRĐAN BLAGOJEVIĆ with his closest colleagues, which is a special and rare honor.

During a meaningful visit, our students visited the museum of the Military Academy, where they were introduced to the rich history of this higher education institution (172 years of existence) in a very interesting, comprehensive and inspiring way by the head of the Department of Human Sciences, Colonel Dr. Slobodan Đukić, historian.

During the visit, the students visited some of the well-equipped offices of the Military Academy, the pistol shooting range, which is one of the most modern in our country, where they could practically test their shooting and accuracy skills, as well as the Academy's sports complex, which no other university owns. in Serbia.

The students were particularly interested in the possibility of applying for the Reserve Officers' School, which is being implemented at the Military Academy, after graduating from our Faculty, as well as the possibilities and ways to later join the Serbian Army and be activated in its regular service.

In a word, this was a very nice, interesting and useful day and a visit to one of the valuable experiences of our friends, where one of the most prestigious institutions of our country opened its doors to them, and those doors are not opened that often and without good reasons.


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