Panel discussion "I, the designer"

Faculty of Civil Engineering - Construction

A panel discussion will be held on Wednesday, May 18: "I, the designer". This will be the first panel discussion from the series "I, an engineer", which aims to acquaint participants through the exchange of information and experiences with the current situation, challenges and problems faced by engineers.

Panelists, representatives of design companies, will talk about what designing looks like in 2022, what skills and knowledge a designer should have and what his development path looks like, as well as the future of this area.

The panel discussion "I, the designer" will be held on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. at 6 pm in the amphitheater 6 of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Union - Nikola Tesla University, 62-64 Cara Dušana Street. The organizers of the panel are the Association for Mutual Support and Improvement of the Social and Professional Position of Engineers - Network of Engineers and the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Union University - Nikola Tesla.


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