A panel discussion "I, the designer" was held at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University "Union - Nikola Tesla"

Faculty of Civil Engineering - Construction

On Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University "Union - Nikola Tesla" , a panel discussion "I, the designer" was held.

The exchange of information and experiences of the panelists and the audience concluded the following:
- Professional practice is an important part of the development of engineers and enables profiling already during studies.
- Knowledge of the program, along with formal university education, plays the most important role in creating competitive engineers in the labor market.
- The use of BIM software is the biggest innovation in design and brings great savings in costs and construction time.

This was the first panel discussion from the series "I, an engineer", which aims to acquaint participants with the current situation, challenges and problems faced by engineers.


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