International Politics and Security

Objectives of the study program: The study program of doctoral studies International Politics and Security is a three-year program of doctoral studies. It aims to educate highly professional and scientific staff in the field of international politics and security who will be able to engage with their knowledge and skills in scientific work, as well as in creating and leading complex projects and to take responsible positions in diplomatic missions, state administration and security and defense structures of the country.

Scientific title: Doctor of Political Sciences

Academic study program of doctoral studies in International Politics and Security at the Faculty of International Politics and Security is an upgrade of the previous level of master studies, where students will acquire higher - scientific, more complex knowledge in this field and create their educational profile by choosing specific subjects in this program.

The goal is to acquire knowledge that enables the future doctor of political sciences to successfully perform work in international politics and security. Doctoral students of this program further improve their acquired competencies from the previous level of study and supplement them with knowledge that will be used in fulfilling the most complex tasks of planning, management, coordination and control in the state sector for international politics and security. In this study program, doctoral students acquire the necessary knowledge to work in diplomatic missions, state administration, security and defense structures of the country. In addition to compulsory and elective courses, the program offers doctoral students to master the knowledge of scientific, professional and professional engagement, taking into account global trends, the needs of our international politics and security and the desire of doctoral students to be active participants in politics, international cooperation, security and defense.

The aim of this study program is to spread the mission and philosophy of international cooperation and integration in the field of politics and security and to train doctoral students, future leaders and professional actors to successfully perform the most complex tasks in international politics and security sector. By developing specialized knowledge in the field of international politics and security, students have the opportunity to learn about the complexity and weight of international politics and the security sector of the country from defining a specific idea to its practical implementation. Doctoral students are encouraged to think creatively and come up with the best solutions that are the basis for making quality leadership decisions.

Table of courses PhD International Politics and Security Studies – Serbian
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