International politics and security

Undergraduate studies at the Faculty of International Politics and Security are realized during four years, after which students receive the title of graduate political scientist for international politics and security, as well as 240 ECTS. The carefully prepared undergraduate study program is fully in line with the highest world standards in the field of international politics and security, and enables students to acquire all the necessary skills, and creates a great scientific base for continuing academic development.

The teaching program is implemented through 44 one-semester courses (subjects) and is realized through professional lectures, exercises, seminar papers, consultations and student projects. In the study program of basic studies of international politics and security, in addition to the subjects, ie. one-semester courses, professional practice is planned, as well as the preparation of the final paper.

The goals of the study program are achieved through acquainting students with the subject, methods and practices in international politics and security, as well as mastering the most important concepts, scientific categorical apparatus, theoretical directions and systems in international politics and security.

Enabling students to work independently in the field of international politics and security, state institutions, corporations, governmental and non-governmental sectors, research and professional practice is one of the priorities of this study program. In addition, introducing students to the most important theories and practices of international politics and security; introducing students to various areas of international policy and security in order to opt for a specific professional profile.

The goal is for students to take initial but promising positions in the international policy and security sector, to work in the state administration, to be engaged in the governmental and non-governmental sector dealing with international politics and security, the Ministries of Interior and Defense and Foreign policy, to be organizers and future bearers of research and scientific work in this sector of society.

Upon completion of his studies, he will have a knowledge fund for the jobs of a certified political scientist for international politics and security and will be able to perform a wide range of various jobs in the field of international politics and security in the field of state administration. , to be analysts in the security system, to participate as experts in international politics and security in state authorities, public administration, political parties, in the media and corporations, and to be researchers in projects.

Table of courses Bachelor International Politics and Security Studies from 2015.year
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