Faculty of Informatics and Computer science

In modern trends in the development of society, the need for young and competent personnel in the field of computer science appears as a necessity. The Faculty of Informatics and Computer science  is also working on the development of students' personalities, who will not only be experts in the field of computer science, but also modern intellectuals who will constantly contribute to the inclusion of our country in international integration. Students graduating from the Faculty of Informatics and Computer science are trained to conduct research that includes various information systems and technology techniques, as well as to solve real problems from practice, including complex problems in a new or unfamiliar environment. The acquired knowledge gives them the opportunity to work in research institutes, centers and faculties, as well as in the advanced development departments of various IT companies, start-up IT companies, organizations and state institutions.

Study programs of academic studies of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer science develop students' competencies such as skills and research methods in the field of informatics, adaptation of research processes with the necessary degree of academic integrity, ability to publish research papers nationally and internationally, critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas, as well as promoting such ideas in order to advance business and society as a whole. With such competencies, students are able to independently solve practical and theoretical problems, as well as to engage in international start-ups and research projects related to the development of new IT solutions in the field of informatics.