Management and entrepreneurship

Name of the study program: MAS Management and Entrepreneurship

Duration of studies: Master academic studies of the MAS Management and Entrepreneurship study program last 1 year (2 semesters), evaluated with 60 ECTS.

Academic title: Master Manager

The purpose of the master academic study program MAS Management and Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Entrepreneurial Business and Real Estate Management is to educate highly professional, clearly profiled personnel in the field of management and entrepreneurship who will be able to apply their specific knowledge and skills in modern business with their knowledge and competences. The competencies that students acquire in these master's studies have a high social value and fully justify the existence of this study program, which is mostly oriented towards the improvement of entrepreneurial and managerial knowledge and abilities.

The main goal of the study program MAS Management and Entrepreneurship is to deepen the existing and adopt new general and special theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of management in companies, for the professional performance of specialist jobs and jobs that imply research-development and methodological superstructure for work on professional, collaborative, consulting and managerial jobs in companies, consulting houses, research-innovation and other organizations and institutions, as well as within entrepreneurial ventures; on the development of new skills through research activities in order to competently solve practical and theoretical problems of a research-development and innovative character, critical interpretation in relation to applied models, procedures and achieved research results, as well as further improvement of knowledge in all forms of professional activity and abilities necessary for continuing study at a higher level of education.

The formulated goals of the study program serve as a standard for controlling the effectiveness of the content of teaching and scientific disciplines, which is a kind of quality of the program itself. This is important to point out precisely because the formulation of the rational goals of the study program was conditioned by previous knowledge of trends in the contemporary domestic and foreign business environment.

The outcomes of the MAS Management and Entrepreneurship Study Program are:

  • Ability to use scientific research methods and independent research work, to identify problems and establish a problem framework as well as specific research subjects and methods;
  • ability to present and publish scientific work, write scientific projects, valorize and evaluate one's own and other research; ability to discuss competently and scientifically, to research and present the results of one's scientific work to the scientific and professional public.
  • the ability to make operational decisions that include the context of technologies and processes, tools and software, inventory, supply chain, business resources, projects, quality, with continuous improvement of work processes.
  • the ability to focus in professional work on the rational use of resources and the basic goals of the performance of realistically represented production operations: quality - as constant adaptation to consumer needs; speed - as the time that elapses between the consumer's request for a physical good or service and the moment when they receive the requested product; reliability - as delivery or availability of physical goods or services to the consumer when the service or physical goods were promised; flexibility - as the degree to which the operational production process can change what it does, how it does it or when it does it; and, costs.

You can view the certificate of accreditation of the study program from 2023 HERE.

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You can view the certificate of accreditation of the study program from 2016 HERE.

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