Entrepreneurial business

Name of the study program: OAS Entrepreneurial Business

Type of studies: Basic four-year academic studies (eight semesters), evaluated with 240 ECTS.

Academic title: Bachelor of Management

The purpose of the study program (OAS) Entrepreneurial Business is to educate highly skilled, clearly profiled personnel in the field of management and business who will be able to engage in domestic and international business as independent or team participants with their knowledge and competences. The competencies that students acquire during their studies have a wider social value and fully justify the existence of this study program, which is largely entrepreneurially oriented. A student who completes the study program OAS Entrepreneurial Business (240 ESPB) is qualified for entrepreneurial business, which means that he will know how to manage various processes by applying business methods. They will have creative problem-solving and decision-making abilities in business management from manufacturing and service industries. The purpose of this study program is consistent with the basic tasks and goals of the Faculty where the program is conducted, which is reflected in continuous work on self-development, improvement of the educational process and the quality of teaching.

The OAS Entrepreneurial Business study program has clearly defined goals based on the principles of the Bologna Declaration and the development needs of our society.

The goals of the OAS Entrepreneurial Business study program are:

achievement of competencies, academic knowledge and professional skills, creative and general abilities that enable successful performance of the profession, development and management of entrepreneurial business.
mastering competencies, academic knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurial business;
developing an entrepreneurial way of thinking and connecting various factors and variables in the field of entrepreneurial business;
developing an entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to work and motivation;
developing competencies for solving practical problems in the field of entrepreneurial business;
preparing students to continue studying at master's studies.
education of personnel who possess sufficient necessary knowledge to successfully understand and solve current business and management problems in the field of entrepreneurship, business management, business in the banking sector, educational institutions, public services and state institutions,
the education of experts in the field of teamwork, as well as the development of the ability to communicate and present their results to professionals and the general public,
gaining awareness of the application of business ethics, professional and social responsibility, people management and team commitment.
The outcomes of the OAS Entrepreneurial Business study program are viewed through the general abilities that mark the completion of basic academic studies at the OAS Entrepreneurial Business study program, which are the ability to analyze and synthesize problems of entrepreneurial business and their consequences, and make adequate decisions;

  • ability to master methods, procedures and processes in research;
  • ability to develop critical and self-critical thinking and behavior in business;
  • capacity for adequate practical application of acquired knowledge;
  • ability for team cooperation;
  • development of communication skills and dexterity, as well as cooperation with the wider social and international environment;
  • capacity for professional ethical behavior.

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You can see the certificate of accreditation of the study program from 2016 HERE.

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