Faculty of Entrepreneurial Business and Real Estate Management

The Faculty of Entrepreneurial Business and Real Estate Management is the only higher education institution in the Republic of Serbia that educates experts in the field of entrepreneurial business and real estate management. Designed study programs are in a very high percentage compatible with programs of reputable European, American, and Asian faculties. There are two modules at the faculty that students can choose from: entrepreneurial business and real estate management.

By educating staff from the entrepreneurial business, it significantly contributes to the development, promotion and encouragement of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Serbia, while training staff in real estate management significantly contributes to the development and management of real estate in the Republic of Serbia. Being able to join the world of business and real estate of the 21st century, entrepreneurially oriented, with the necessary knowledge and skills in management and business, respected by employers, becomes imperative in accordance with the needs of the Serbian economy and global processes. These occupations are an essential component of the existence and development of the most successful economies in the world.

The Faculty of Entrepreneurial Business and Real Estate Management has the task to:

  • conducts the educational process according to innovated study programs using modern teaching methods and technologies;
  • improves the educational process and the quality of teaching;
  • implements new educational standards and technologies in accordance with the Bologna Declaration;
  • continuously works on its own development and contributes to the development of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Serbia in accordance with European and world knowledge and practice;
  • achieves cooperation with similar educational institutions in Europe and the world in order to exchange teaching achievements, improve the pedagogical skills of teachers and exchange students during practical classes;
  • realizes the transfer of professional, professional-applied and practical knowledge, skills and abilities in order to form the expertise of students for successful work in the business of entrepreneurial business and real estate management in Serbia and abroad;
  • teach students advanced communication and business skills in a multicultural environment.

The main goals are:

  • achieving competencies, academic knowledge and professional skills, creative and general abilities that enable successful practice of the profession, development and management of entrepreneurial business and real estate;
  • spreading the mission and philosophy of entrepreneurship and training students, future entrepreneurs and managers to successfully perform business activities; mastering the complex matter of entrepreneurial business and real estate management;
  • that graduates complete their competencies with attributes that are inherent in entrepreneurs such as: innovation, energy, ambition, communication, seeing problems from different perspectives, organizations, leading people, resolving conflicts and problems, taking risks, knowledge of technology, sense of humor, ability abstract thinking and motivating team members,
  • development of entrepreneurial spirit among students in order to independently design and shape their business activities and through them express their creative identity; Entrepreneurial spirit is also reflected in diligence, dedication and motivation to succeed,
  • education of staff for successful understanding and solving current business and management problems in the field of entrepreneurship, real estate management, business management, business in the banking sector, educational institutions, public services and government institutions,
  • developing students' awareness of the need for permanent education, development of society as a whole and preservation of the environment,
  • education of experts in the field of teamwork, as well as the development of the ability to communicate and present their results to the professional and general public,
  • gaining awareness of the application of business ethics, professional and social responsibility, people management and team commitment.
  • development of science and promotion of scientific creativity in the field of entrepreneurial business and real estate management;
  • providing individuals with the opportunity to acquire higher education under equal conditions, to be educated in these attractive and prestigious occupations that offer great opportunities for lifelong learning, building a respectable career and achieving business and personal goals.


The faculty has an organizational structure and management system that ensures the achievement of tasks and goals of the higher education institution. The faculty continuously analyzes the work and in accordance with that prepares five-year, annual and short-term plans for operational work. At the beginning of the school year, he prepares the Plan for taking the exam, and immediately before the beginning of the exam period, he publishes it on the bulletin board and on the website of the faculty due to possible changes at the request of students and teachers.