The study program 'Finance' is a one-year program of academic master's studies that aims to educate highly professional staff in the field of finance who with their knowledge and skills will be able to engage in creating and managing complex ventures in the field of finance and take responsible management positions. companies, organizations or institutions dealing with finance.

The outcome of the learning process is highly professional knowledge, developed creative, business, professional and leadership skills that enable strategic financial risk management, appearances in financial markets, corporate and entrepreneurial finance management, decision-making in strategic projects, and further training in doctoral studies.

The entire study program consists of a total of 7 one-semester courses. Out of that, 3 subjects are obligatory, and 2 are chosen from a list of 4 subjects. The study program includes study and research work that aims to enable students to approach the preparation of the final thesis and the final master's thesis. The fund of classes for each subject is 30 hours for lectures in the winter semester. 300 hours in the summer semester are planned for study research work and master's thesis. The total workload of students during the year is 600 hours.

According to its content, the program includes complex disciplines of finance and financial management, such as: corporate finance, financial markets and stock exchanges, financial reporting and analysis, financial risk management, financial mathematics and statistics, financial asset management and strategic project management. Graduates of this master's study program can continue their doctoral studies if they meet the admission criteria.

Academic title: Master of Economics.

Conditions for enrollment in the study program: In accordance with the Statute of the Faculty, persons who have completed the basic studies of the Faculty of Economics and Finance or a similar study program from other faculties may enroll in master studies.

Manner of conducting basic academic studies: Teaching takes place through theoretical lectures, practical exercises, consultations, preparation of seminar papers, analysis of case studies and practical work of students. According to the curriculum and content of individual subjects, study and research work is envisaged at the Faculty or on projects in scientific institutes, state institutions, private and public companies, non-profit organizations and other institutions. Active use of the Internet is an important element in the preparation and teaching of the study program, the study research work and the preparation of the final master's thesis.

Prerequisites for enrollment in individual courses or groups of courses: All courses in master's studies are taken in the winter semester and there are no prerequisites for taking them except those defined in the course, such as successfully defended colloquia and / or seminar papers.

Other issues of importance for the implementation of the study program: The study program of master studies stimulates the participation of students in scientific research work and involvement in project work together with the teaching staff. The knowledge acquired in this way is included in the teaching process in order to modernize and improve it.

Completion of studies: Each course brings 6 ECTS credits. The full year master's degree carries 60 ECTS credits. Studies are considered completed when the student fulfills all the obligations prescribed by the study program and collects 60 ECTS credits. The success of passing certain subjects depends on regular attendance of lectures and exercises, passing the colloquia and / or seminar papers and the results of the final exam, which carries not less than 30% of the final grade. An integral part of the study program is a study and research paper that carries 5 ECTS credits and a final master's thesis with 25 ECTS credits.

Conditions for transfer from other study programs within the same or related fields of study are defined by the Statute of the Faculty and the relevant Regulations.

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