Faculty of Economy and Finances

The current and future economic, economic and social position of Serbia is that it is becoming more and more an integrated part of world economic movements, which requires sophisticated knowledge and competencies in the field of finance and economy in general. In the constellation of new relations, the labor market thus sees the need for professional and appropriate staff who will be able to adequately respond to future challenges in the field of development of Serbia. By monitoring these dynamic changes in the economic environment, this study program was created in accordance with the practice of modern faculties in Europe and the world, as well as the needs of our economy and society as a whole. It is on this compatibility with the programs of similar or similar foreign renowned faculties that the purposefulness of this study program is based.

The Faculty of Finance and Economics has the task to:

  • educates highly professional, clearly profiled staff who will be able with their knowledge and competencies to get involved in the domestic and international business scene as independent or team participants;
  • creates conditions for the development of young scientists as leaders in research and scientific endeavors in the field of finance, banking, accounting and economics;
  • thanks to the acquired expertise in financial management, they are becoming an important segment of business in the global economic environment;
  • enable students to continue their education in master's and other studies in the field of economics, finance or possibly some other related fields.
  • The main goals are:
  • mastering broad theoretical knowledge primarily in the field of finance and economics,
  • monitoring dynamic changes in the market and synthesizing key knowledge in the field of accounting, banking and investment,
  • direct involvement of such educated staff with functional knowledge and skills in solving specific problems,
  • developing staff who, in addition to critical and self-critical thinking, are able to apply analytical and synthetic scientific methods in solving problems,
  • educating students to be innovative and creative, to follow the news and apply them in their work,
  • to communicate effectively with their environment guided by high professional and ethical standards,
  • developing creative and business skills for making financial and investment decisions,
  • competent financial management of companies,
  • developing business, professional and leadership skills that enable strategic management of financial risks,
  • preparing students for appearances on financial markets,
  • managing corporate and entrepreneurial finances,
  • decision making in strategic projects.