Environmental Protection

Scientific field: natural-mathematical

Scientific area: environmental sciences

Doctoral study program - Environmental protection

The main goal of the study program is to enable students to acquire modern knowledge in the field of environmental protection. The main goal of the study program Environmental Protection - doctoral studies, is to encourage and affirm the education of staff of high general scientific ability in the educational-scientific field of natural and mathematical sciences and the scientific field - environmental science, acquiring all necessary knowledge and skills for independent scientific -research work and successful career development. The education of students during this study program is primarily based on the connection of many scientific disciplines, fundamental and applied natural sciences and numerical and advanced methods of analysis, modeling and simulation; training students in analysis, planning and research in the field of environmental protection, including risk assessment and environmental impact analysis, as well as the principles of waste management and renewable energy sources.

The purpose of the study program of doctoral studies - Environmental Protection is a high quality education of students for successful academic and professional work in the field of environmental protection who will play a leading role in science - environmental science, with the application and development of modern scientific approaches. in order to improve the quality of the environment and master improved methods and solutions in the field of scientific and applied research projects that contribute to critical evaluation of existing systems and decision-making regarding the implementation of measures for their improvement and innovation and general development of society. Students in this study program acquire all the necessary competencies for higher education profiles in the field of environmental sciences, high level of knowledge and understanding, receive incentives for independent research, creativity and development and application of original ideas in practice, which qualifies them for scientific research work in the field of environmental protection, publishing papers in scientific journals, active participation in scientific conferences, involvement in scientific research projects, etc.

In accordance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration, doctoral studies last six semesters and carry 180 ECTS credits, in addition to the previously achieved 300 ECTS credits in basic academic and master's academic studies.

Upon completion of the study and defense of the doctoral dissertation, the student acquires the academic title of DOCTOR OF SCIENCE - SCIENCE ON ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.

Doctor of Science - Environmental Sciences has the following competencies: education in higher education institutions; management of companies, institutions and agencies in the field of environmental protection; analysis and synthesis of problems in the field of environmental protection and finding adequate solutions, management or participation in scientific research projects; participation in the team for designing environmental protection systems that achieve the goals of protection and improvement of the environment and respond to the challenges of global change.

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