Environmental Protection

The Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Protection of the University "Union - Nikola Tesla" is a higher education academic and scientific institution that realizes its vision and mission through educational, scientific and professional engagement.

This faculty aims to spread, improve and promote knowledge, to motivate creativity and support the pursuit of excellence in the field of environmental science in order to achieve sustainable socio-economic development.

In order to achieve the set goals, the Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Protection:

  • Nurtures and constantly improves scientific and research work;
  • Participates in international projects of environmental protection and improvement;
  • Encourages interdisciplinary, scientific, development and professional environmental protection projects;
  • It advocates cooperation with state institutions, industry, private and civil sectors in order to contribute to the improvement of the environment and overall sustainable socio-economic development;
  • It maintains a high level of quality in undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies in accordance with accredited study programs in the field of environmental science.

At this faculty, students are trained to identify, analyze, and assess various environmental impacts, as well as to plan, program, and design environmental protection management systems.

The curriculum provides an understanding of the best theory, practice and standards in the field of environmental science, as well as their application through independent and critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

At the basic academic studies of the Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Protection, the study program - Environmental Protection is implemented for four years and 240 ESPB points are obtained. After mastering the study program, the title of graduate environmental protection analyst is obtained.

Purpose of the study program:

The purpose of the OAS-Environmental Protection study program is to educate profile staff - graduate environmental protection analysts. The structure of the study program ensures that academic education in the field of environmental protection is continuously improved through the teaching content of compulsory and optional subjects. The study program enables the application of knowledge and skills and training for professional work in economic activities. Acquired competences and skills, at this level of study, represent a body of fundamental knowledge for continuing education at master's studies in environmental protection and related profiles.

The specific aim of the study program OAS - Environmental Protection is to provide an environmental protection analyst who possesses the competencies, knowledge and skills that, above all, relate to the prevention, control and remediation of air, water and soil pollution, waste management, rational use of natural resources, renewable energy sources, as well as the ability to participate in the writing of various studies related to the state of the environment.

Objectives of the study program:

The main goal of the study program OAS Environmental Protection is the education of personnel with a high degree of expertise to perform complex and creative tasks in the field of environmental protection from the natural-mathematical field and the scientific field - environmental protection science, with the aim of obtaining the academic title - Graduated Environmental Protection Analyst .

A graduate environmental protection analyst should be able to recognize, formulate and analyze problems in the environment and offer one or more acceptable solutions, which implies:

  • to have a developed analytical and creative approach to solving theoretical and practical problems of environmental pollution,
  • to be able to integrate information and numerical data from different sources and connect them in order to solve a specific task on environmental protection,
  • to demonstrate commitment and ability in performing experimental and other project tasks, as well as in analyzing conclusions and presenting reports related to environmental protection,
  • that he is able to reason analytically about pollution and environmental protection.

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