Architecture and urbanism

The main goal of the study program ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM is, with its interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity, to educate staff with a high degree of expertise to perform complex and creative work in the field of Architecture and Urbanism.

The aim of the study program is to develop a thorough and balanced basis for achieving knowledge, and acquiring general and subject-specific competencies and skills in the field of Architecture and Urbanism. These competencies are not developed through applied teaching methods. This includes, but is not limited to, developing creative and critical thinking skills, developing a propensity for teamwork, and mastering specific practical skills needed to pursue a profession.

One of the special goals, which is in line with the goals of educating experts at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, is to develop students' awareness of the need for permanent education, development of society as a whole and improving the quality of living space. The goal of the study program is to introduce students to the challenges and advantages of teamwork, which is extremely important for the field of architecture and urbanism, because professional practice is conceived as a team and multidisciplinary. In addition, through the teaching process, students develop the ability to communicate and coherently present their ideas, design concept, results of research work, thus learning forms of quality communication with professionals and the general public.

In the process of restructuring the Serbian economy, especially sought after, educated, well-profiled staff for the introduction of world and European standards in all areas of business. Important goals of this study program, which is in line with the goals and objectives of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, where this program is run, are the implementation of new educational standards and technologies in the teaching process in accordance with the principles of the European Higher Education Area.

The goals of the master's academic studies in architecture are:

Enabling students to understand and recognize scientific, professional and artistic achievements and activities in the field of architecture, urbanism, architectural technologies and architectural construction.
Acquiring knowledge of basic theoretical settings and methods of architectural and urban design and construction of architectural structures.
Acquisition of certain professional skills for the purpose of competing on the labor market and acquiring authorizations (licenses) for independent action in the profession.
Acquisition of the right to continue education in doctoral and specialist studies in the field of architecture, urbanism or other related scientific and artistic fields in the country and abroad.

In order to efficiently achieve the stated goals, within the study program ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM master academic studies of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the following tasks have been set:

Improving the quality and educational level of teaching staff through the organization of scientific and professional conferences in the field of architecture and urbanism;
Harmonization of curricula of graduate studies with the essence of the curricula of the world's leading educational institutions;
Permanent innovation of curricula;
Finding new ways to incorporate practice into theory;
Establishing permanent and secure communication links with the latest scientific achievements through international cooperation in the form of professional and scientific contacts

Academic title: Master of Architecture

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