The Civil Engineering study program is designed to ensure the acquisition of competencies that are socially justifiable and useful. The Faculty of Construction Management has defined basic tasks and goals for the purpose of educating highly competent personnel from the technical-technological field and the field of construction. The purpose of the Civil Engineering study program is fully in line with the basic tasks and goals of the Faculty of Construction Management.

This Civil Engineering study program has a direct social purpose to train personnel for the large economic branch of the same name, whose role in the overall development of society is of crucial importance. In Serbia, the design and realization of several large infrastructure projects is underway, and further intensification of activities in this area is expected in the coming period. For this reason, there is an evident need for qualified civil engineers who should be involved in work in this economic branch, and thus for their adequate education.

The program of bachelor academic studies, as the first in a series of these programs, is primarily aimed at acquiring knowledge in fundamental sciences related to the construction profession, while not neglecting the professional knowledge necessary for everyday engineering work. For students for whom this degree of education will also be the final one, the program provides a wide range of competences in the field of designing and executing different types of construction objects that are standard in nature, or of smaller capacity. Students who decide to continue their academic studies at higher levels receive with this program a solid enough foundation for successfully following more complex disciplines in advanced study programs.

The goal of the study program is to provide the construction industry with modern highly educated experts in the field of design, organization and technology of construction, planning and management of building construction.

The outcome of the learning process is knowledge that enables students to use professional literature, apply knowledge to solve problems that arise in the profession, and enable, in case the students decide to do so, the continuation of their studies.

Academic title: Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Bachelor of Civil Engineering)

You can view the certificate of accreditation of the study program from 2022 HERE.

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You can view the certificate of accreditation of the study program from 2016 HERE.

You can view the plan and program of bachelor academic studies by accreditation from 2016 HERE.