Faculty of Civil Engineering

The study program of Basic academic studies with teaching content and application of modern education methods creates and educates highly professional staff who will apply the acquired knowledge in all areas of creativity in the domain of architecture, urbanism, construction and design. In this sense, the teaching of the first level of education is designed to include teaching in the fields of technical-technological sciences, natural-mathematical sciences, social humanities and the field of art, which provides a fundamental basis for further professional and scientific training of students.

The outcome of the learning process is the acquisition of basic qualifications that enable the continuation of studies at master academic studies in the country and abroad that have similar structured study programs and access to the labor market in areas and job levels in accordance with acquired knowledge and skills. Completion of basic and master academic studies enables the employment of graduate and master engineers in a number of occupations in the field of architecture, urban planning and construction.

After completing the master's studies and obtaining the master's degree in architectural engineering and master's in civil engineering, a professional exam is taken, an application with references is submitted to the Chamber of Engineers of Serbia and a license is obtained: