About University

The University "Union - Nikola Tesla" was founded in order to enable legal functions of its faculties with and without the legal entity status, in accordance with common European traditions and values of the Republic of Serbia. As a community of higher education institutions, the University  "Union - Nikola Tesla" ensures the development of science and knowledge transfer across scientific disciplines, thus providing the opportunity for multidisciplinary studies.

At the "Union - Nikola Tesla" University, at the faculties without the status of a legal entity, the following study programs of basic academic studies in the technical-technological field are carried out, namely: Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism, in the social-humanistic field: Entrepreneurial Business and Real Estate Management, International Politics and security, Economics and finance, in natural and mathematical: Environmental protection, Informatics.

At the "Union - Nikola Tesla" University, the following master's academic study programs in the technical-technological field are offered at faculties without the status of a legal entity: General construction, Organization and construction technology and construction management, Architecture and urbanism, Interior architecture; in the social-humanistic field: Management and Entrepreneurship, International Politics and Security, Finance, in the natural-mathematical field study program: Environmental Protection, Environmental Engineering, Informatics.

At the "Union - Nikola Tesla" University, the following doctoral study programs in the technical-technological field are offered at the faculties without a legal entity: Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism in the Social-Humanistic Field: Management of Sustainable Development, International Politics and Security, in Natural -mathematical field study programs: Environmental Protection, Informatics. In the process of accreditation, in addition to the above programs, there is a study program in Economics.

The University "Union - Nikola Tesla" has been actively participating in international collaborative projects and partnerships. It plays strong part in national cooperation as well, and it fulfils all the functions and tasks in accordance with law. The University "Union - Nikola Tesla" is open for all potential members who are accredited in accordance with the Law on higher education.

All the activities carried out by the University  "Union - Nikola Tesla" members ensure the implementation of high- quality study programs in accordance with education requirements and standards.
The University "Union - Nikola Tesla"and its selection committee carry out the procedure for the election to a title or for recognition of a title in order to ensure the engagement of teachers who are competent in the relevant fields. The University "Union - Nikola Tesla"monitors and analyzes the engagement of teachers and associates and takes measures for which it is responsible in order to ensure appropriate quality. The University  "Union - Nikola Tesla" monitors and implements the regulations to detect and point out potential shortcomings as well as takes appropriate measures in order to ensure legality within the limits of its power. If necessary, the University  "Union - Nikola Tesla" suggests certain changes in order to ensure the quality of its study programs. It also actively participates in the Conference of Universities to evaluate and compare its performance to other Serbian universities.

The main functions of the University  "Union - Nikola Tesla"

The University "Union - Nikola Tesla" predominantly performs scientific research and educational activities, i.e. artistic research activities, in the areas of one or more related and interconnected scientific disciplines, aimed at commercializing the results of its scientific, artistic and research work, provided that the quality of teaching is not endangered by these activities.

The activity of the university "Union - Nikola Tesla"is based on the following principles:

  • autonomy of the institution and academic freedoms of teaching and research staff; publicity of work
  • respect for humanistic and democratic values
  • prohibition of all forms of discrimination
  • cooperation of all participants in the work process on the basis of mutual respect, tolerance and respect for professional competence;
  • acceptance of international standards in the field of higher education and creation of conditions for their rational application.

The university "Union - Nikola Tesla" performs its basic activity according to the classification of activities. The following are realized at the University "Union - Nikola Tesla":

  • first degree academic studies (undergraduate degree);
  • second degree academic studies (master’s degree)
  • third degree academic studies (doctoral degree).

Study programs are realized at faculties without the status of a legal entity within the following educational-scientific or educational-artistic fields:

  • technical-technological;
  • social science and humanities;
  • natural and mathematical science.


Considering the fact that higher education represents the basis for a knowledge-based society and its further economic and cultural development, as well as for the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the mission of the University "Union-Nikola Tesla" is to enable the highest academic standards and ensure knowledge acquisition and skills in accordance with the needs and requirements of society and national development. In order to achieve its mission, the University "Union-Nikola Tesla" is permanently committed to improving the quality of higher education. The mission of the University  "Union - Nikola Tesla" is to become recognizable for the education of experts in the fields of construction, architecture and urbanism, management and business, ecology and environmental protection, real estate management and international affairs and security. Therefore, the University "Union - Nikola Tesla", through its organizational units, continuously monitors and analyzes the achievements and further plans aimed at improving the quality of overall work. It means that the governing body, all professional bodies and the Commission for Quality Assurance and Improvement ensure the unity of development directions and create conditions to stimulate all its employees and students to contribute to this never-ending process of continuous improvement.

Quality objectives

Quality assurance is the realization of the goals set by the Law on higher education and the vision of further development of higher education at the University "Union-Nikola Tesla". When it comes to its basic long-term quality goals, the University  "Union - Nikola Tesla" sets the following goals:

  • continuous and systematic improvement of the higher education quality
  • improving the quality of study programs,
  • increasing the efficiency of studies,
  • improving the quality of teaching,
  • improving the process of student evaluation of teachers' pedagogical work,
  • improving the quality of student work evaluation,
  • improving the quality and intensifying the scientific research work of teaching staff.

Quality assurance measures:

  • determining the area of quality assurance (study programs, teaching, teaching staff, student assessment, library, space and equipment)
  • mandatory self-evaluation and quality assessment of study programs and institutions
  • international cooperation through the implementation of joint study programs, exchange of teachers and students
  • constant cooperation with graduate students and employers in order to check the quality of study programs and competencies acquired by students upon completion of studies

Introducing employees and students to the quality policy and goals – transparency at work

All the University  "Union - Nikola Tesla" employees are familiar with tasks, mission, goals and quality measures:

  • The University "Union - Nikola Tesla" management took part in creating the quality policy and quality goals,
  • Users of services and products of the University "Union - Nikola Tesla" are also introduced to the above mentioned goals – policy and quality goals texts are posted in visible places